Samsung 9-Series Curved Quantum Dot SUHD TV UE78KS9000 2016 MODEL

  • Curved SUHD
  • Quantum Dot Technology
  • SUHD Remastering Engine

GH₵45,000.00 GH₵38,500.00

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At a glance

  • ✔ Elegant and minimalist design
  • ✔ A better image thanks to remastering SUHD Engine
  • ✔ More contrast, fewer reflections
  • ✔ Higher speeds, powerful performance
A new level of clarity
Enjoy the sun shining in its full glory, and find the finest details in the darkest shadows with HDR 1000. Each scene comes to life in your living room.
Lifelike color perception
Experience all shades of rich and vibrant colors thanks to Samsung’s Eco-friendly Quantum Dot technology. SUHD TV brings you 64 times more colors than conventional TVs.
Bright display, more contrast, hardly any reflections
To combat glare, Samsung was inspired to develop the Ultra Black technology with unique nano-patterns from nature. Thus, it is always pleasant watching TV, even in the lightest living room.
UE55KS9000LXXN - Bright display
Improves content with lower resolution
Samsung SUHD remastering engine analyzes content with lower resolution and remastert automatically to SUHD. This makes the scenes approach the intentions of the creator as close as can be.
UE55KS9000LXXN Improves content with lower resolution
4K UHD resolution
Experience super vivid detail with four times the resolution of Full HD TV. Wherever you look at it, everything looks better thanks to the vivid colors and high light output.
UE55KS9000LXXN 4K UHD resolution
Dive deeper into your content
Auto Depth Enhancer vary the contrast between different areas of the screen so the picture gets a lot of depth. An intense immersive viewing experience, right on your own TV.
Surround for every sense
Thanks to the slightly curved shape of Samsung’s Curved TVs sits you right in the center of activity, with a wider field of view and a viewing distance that is the same for each point on the screen.
Breathtaking 360-design
The infinity design and metallic contours show almost float SUHD TV, so you even more immersed in the content. With minimalist foot and tidy rear TV is an epitome of refined elegance and craftsmanship.
Smart Hub opens without delay any source and any type of material
The new Smart Hub is the fixed access live TV, Over The Top (OTT), games and more. Your favorite content is available once you turn the TV on.
* You need an Internet connection. May not be available in all languages and regions.
deep contrasts
UHD Dimming optimizes contrast, color and sharpness for a lifelike picture quality. This technology works even better than the existing Micro Dimming and therefore provides an unparalleled viewing experience.

Share your content easily on your TV

Submit photos, videos and music from your mobile phone or your PC on your Samsung Smart TV again with the Smart View app from Samsung. This really divergence now. Easy connectivity with most personal devices.
* Your TV and your mobile device must be connected before with the same network / access point. * Support for this functionality may vary depending on the operating system and devices. * For more information about supported devices for

Higher speeds, powerful performance

Powerful Quad Core processor makes your Samsung Smart TV a lot faster. He reacts immediately be started immediately to commands and apps. Also multitasking with Multi-Link Screen is now going very fast.

Your Smart TV is even faster with Tizen

Tizen gives Smart TV significantly higher performance. Startup, select TV programs, open your apps – everything goes just as fast. The TV now supports even popular local VOD apps that you can see very easily extra content.
UE55KS9000LXXN Smart TV with Tizen

Dive deeper into your video content

With Motion Rate 240 you go all the way to your video content, which is displayed without flickering. The very high refresh rate and the innovative lighting technology keep you on the edge of your seat with a fast, stable video playback.
Dive deeper into your video content

Plug all your content directly to the TV

With ConnectShare you see all sorts of content at once. Just do your USB stick or the cable from your external hard drive to the TV to movies, music and photos to give more back to the big screen.
* Supported formats include AVI, ASF, MP3 and JPEG. Look in the manual for the complete list of supported formats.

Create your own multimedia center

The HDMI inputs on Samsung TVs only makes your own room into a multimedia center. Via HDMI to play content from a variety of devices directly on your TV.

tech specs


  • series



  • Screen size (inch)

    78 “

  • Resolution

    3,840 × 2,160

  • Moth Eye


  • Quantum Dot Display


  • Ultra Clear Panel

    Ultra Clear Ultimate

  • Curvature of the screen


  • 10 bit Support




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